March 22, 2017

CSHS Ag Education Department receives DuPont Pioneer grant

By Annette Tait
Students in Center-Stanton High School Agriculture Education programs now and the years to come will reap the benefits of a $5,000 DuPont Pioneer grant to help implement the CASE -- Curriculum for Agricultural Science Education -- program.
“Equipment costs have been the biggest hurdle with implementing this curriculum,” Agriculture Education Instructor Nikki Fideldy said. “At the moment, the agriculture and science departments share all equipment.”
Purchase of equipment for the Agriculture Education department will alleviate scheduling challenges and providing for more hands-on work by allowing all students access to lab equipment.
“With this money, new agri-science equipment can be purchased which would also benefit the science department,” Fideldy said. “One equipment piece that is pertinent to the CASE curriculum is the LabQuest devices.”
Currently, the science department owns five old model LabQuest devices, with several needing to be replaced.
“Many of the labs are written for the LabQuest 2 devices, which is a huge investment for such a small school,” Fideldy continued. “This grant will help defer some of the cost.”

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