June 28, 2017

CSPS board approves upgrade of district wireless network

By Annette Tait
The performance of recently purchased replacement student laptops and computers for teachers will be enhanced in the coming year by upgrades to Center-Stanton schools’ outdated wireless network.
The need for improvements to better serve all areas of both the high school and the elementary school at acceptable speeds prompted research and discussion by administration and the school board. Their work culminated at the June meeting with a visit from Brad Gorder, Network Center, and Jiten Gori, Ruckus Networks. Gorder and Gori were invited to the meeting to further explain the details of their proposal, which includes a substantial discount -- approximately $13,000 -- on the Ruckus hardware.
“It was Ruckus saying, ‘we want this opportunity to be in western North Dakota,’” Gorder said, giving Gori credit for advocating to his company to provide the deep discount.
The proposal provides for replacing existing cabling, more than tripling the access points -- from 5 to 18 -- to better serve both the high school and the elementary, and adding a guest network.
“If we don’t update here we’re falling another step behind,” Center-Stanton School District Superintendent Tracy Peterson said, noting that the outdated system can’t keep up with increasing use of technology.


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