January 15, 2014

CSPS to start class Aug. 25

By April Baumgarten

Center-Stanton Public Schools has eliminated three vacation days to push its start date to the last week of August.
School Board members voted 3-1 Thursday during a meeting in Center to move the first day school from Aug. 20 to Aug. 25, sending children to school for a five-day week. The original schedule would have put students in the classroom for three days in the third full week of the month.
“I’ll go on record saying that I don’t like the start date before Labor Day in my opinion,” board member Jim Wahlman said, adding that he doesn’t necessarily agree that the state should force schools to push the start date back.
Officials spent almost 30 minutes discussing changes.             The first schedule, which was approved by teachers, closed school for two weeks for Christmas vacation. The school board cut out Dec. 22 and 23 from the break, stating a two-week vacation was long for a Christmas break.
April 6 and 7 were also designated non-required vacation days after Easter. April 7, a Tuesday, was set as a snow day.
The board voted to have school on April 7, pushing the snow day to April 6.
The vote comes after a group of concern parents across the state have started a petition to move the start date for North Dakota schools after Labor Day. Supporters of the measure say it would allow families to enjoy the summer vacation more, boost tourism and keep children out of school when it is hot during August.

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