May 2, 2018

Dagley Family rebuilding after fire

By Jarann Johnson
April 20 was a tough a day for the Dagley family. About five miles south of Minnekota Power the Dagley Ranch suffered massive fire damages. Now they are hoping to rebuild.
“We pretty much lost everything in the greenhouse. So, we are going to have to buy plants from another greenhouse to sell out at Faulkner’s market. We lost pretty much everything in the big shop. There were a couple of tractors in there and some haying equipment,” Mark Dagley said.
“We lost part of the corner of our house, a couple of windows were black and we have smoke damage throughout the whole house. The next day we had 50-60 people, friends of family and people we haven’t seen in years come show up. They were scrubbing the walls of the house and ceiling.

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