July 19, 2017

Dedication ceremony for new welcome sign

By Annette Tait
Weeks after it became operational, people are still talking about the new LED sign that shows visitors and residents alike what’s happening in Center. The bright display with its multiple revolving messages is a welcome replacement for the old, worn marquee sign and its limited functions.
The new “Welcome to Center” sign by the Betty Hagel Memorial Civic Center is the result of an idea that evolved and grew, starting when Gus and Sharon Rud sought a way to honor the late Sheldon Rud with a donation toward “something to benefit the community.”
One suggestion was to kick-start the purchase of a LED sign to replace the deteriorating sign in front of Center-Stanton High School. The multiple message capability would benefit the school and many other organizations in the community. The drawback was that the new sign wouldn’t be visible from Center Avenue if it was installed at the school.
By that time, other organizations were involved in the discussion and the project took off, eventually involving the City of Center, for the location on the main thoroughfare, and more than two dozen sponsors. All were honored last week as the sign was officially dedicated with a brief ceremony at the civic center, led by Dave Berger, Center Community Club, and Rick Schmidt, Center-Stanton school board.
“I really appreciate what the community’s done to get this accomplished,” Schmidt said. “The sign is paid for, and we have a small account remaining for maintenance.”


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