June 13, 2018

Dixon fence debate continues at county commission meeting

By Jarann Johnson
Last Thursday’s Oliver County Commission meeting’s main discussion focused on the Dixon Fence. Dixon, the  Oliver County Commissioners, and Dixon’s nearby neighbors have been trying to determine whether Dixon’s fence is on a section county line for months.
Richard Tokach, one of Dixon’s neighbors, told the commission he was at the meeting to let them know Dixon’s fence is preventing land access for himself and other nearby landowners.
“The reason I’m here today is to discuss the section line road that John Dixon blocked with his fence and let you know how important it is for us to get that fence removed and set back so we can access our land up there. We normally use that road during the summer, quite a bit, to get cattle in and out,” Tokach said.
“We have a propane powered well up there that we need to get a service truck in and out. Cenex, from Mandan, usually fills it for us. Actually, the well is down at the present time. We need to get a well repair guy in there to fix it. He thinks it’s just plugged up, we still need to get in and out of there.”

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