May 24, 2017

Don & JoAnn Price: At home in Oliver County

By Annette Tait
There’s no need for Don and JoAnn Price to “come home” to celebrate Old Settlers Days -- the couple is as much a fixture in the county as any of its landmarks. In fact, Don’s family founded one of those landmarks -- the town of Price, about 12 miles southwest of Washburn on the River Road.
Don’s grandparents, William and Emily (Watkins) Price came from England in the mid 1880s. His father, Thomas Sr., was born and raised in Oliver County, eventually marrying Helen Augusta Hagerott, daughter of Herman and Wilhelmina (Mantz) Hagerott, who had been born and raised on a homestead near Yucca.
“Three Hagerott brothers married three Mantz sisters,” Don said, noting that, while a common practice in those days, it also made the family tree a little confusing at times.
Don and his siblings, Dorothy, William, Grace, Tom Jr., and Douglas, grew up farming at Price, where his mother was the postmistress and his dad owned and ran the store and elevator. He went to the Price School, up through eighth grade, and then off to Mandan for high school before returning to the family farm.


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