August 6, 2014

Donations help to spruce up fairgrounds

By Annette Tait

Visitors seeking shade or having a bite to eat in the shelter at this year’s Oliver County Fair will find a brand new concrete slab underfoot, thanks to donations from Wanzek Construction and Strata Corporation.
“It’s such an improvement -- it gives us a nice atmosphere to host our fair,” Extension Service Administrative Assistant Dawn Alderin said. “We’ve had inclement weather during some of our recent fairs—it will be nice to get people out of the mud and the weather.”
Wanzek employees used a skidsteer to level the ground and compaction equipment the compress the soil in preparation for the concrete pour. Strata brought in four loads of concrete, and the Wanzek crew applied the finishing touches, vibrating the concrete into place, using a screed to flatten the surface, then using a float to smooth the surface before applying a broom, or roughened, finish. The broom finish provides traction, so the concrete won’t be slippery when its wet. In all, Wanzek donated more than $15,000 in labor, materials and equipment costs, and Strata’s concrete donation was around $4,000.
“To have donors come forward like this with such significant financial donations, it’s very much appreciated,” Alderin said.

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