October 1, 2014

Eco Ed Day brings students into the ‘ultimate classroom’

Students from Center-Stanton, New Salem-Almont and Hebron schools spent a day outdoors last week learning about the prairies, soil, woodlands, wetlands, and watersheds and water quality – and how these topics all interrelate -- during Eco Ed Day. Hosted by The day camp is part of a program provided to students by conservation districts throughout the state.
“You have left the traditional classroom and entered the ultimate classroom – nature’s classroom,” NRCS Center Field Office District Conservationist Dave Pfliiger told the 43 participants as he welcomed them to the day’s activities, which NRCS cooperatively hosted with the Oliver Soil Conservation Service.
Pfliiger explained a little bit about how biotic, or living, and abiotic, nonliving factors influence their own and other species development and survival. He also shared basic definitions of the topics they would study during the course of the day: biology, ecology and the ecosystem, and pointed out that Eco Ed camp’s name is a shortened version of Ecosystem Education.

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