September 27, 2017

Emergency agencies review training, plan for future preparedness drills

By Annette Tait
The best time to prepare for an emergency is before one occurs. The Oliver County Local Emergency Planning Committee -- which includes local emergency services, representatives from local businesses, and members of the public -- does just that, holding regular meetings, preparing and updating emergency response and mitigation plans, and hosting trainings to prepare local entities in case disaster strikes in the county or surrounding area.
During the meeting, Emergency Manager Carmen Reed provided an overview of upcoming training recommendations, as well as a review of the recent hazardous materials exercise in Pick City, based on an anhydrous ammonia spill.
“We used the HAZMAT simulator from the state that caused a cloud, which simulated a hole in a pup tank, and SIM-ND trained on anhydrous [exposure],” Reed said. “We kept the exercise small, to make sure all agencies had plenty of hands-on.”


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