August 27, 2014

Energy improvement cost savings already apparent at CS schools

Even though energy conservation work is still in progress at Center-Stanton Public Schools, financial benefits are already being realized.
“We already saw some benefits last month in the electrical bill and, now that school is back in session, we are likely to see some in the water bill,” CSPS Superintendent Pierce said. “Those are areas where we’ll really see financial benefits.”
Pierce reported to the CSPS board at its August meeting that Energy Services Group’s work in the high school is complete with the exception of some mechanical repairs, and the elementary school is waiting for a heating unit, completion of electrical work on classroom heaters; completion of technology upgrades are pending for both the elementary and the high school. He also noted that the new ventilators have been installed in the elementary school.
“If it starts getting warm, we should see cooler fresh air coming into the elementary at night with the new ventilators up and running down there,” Pierce said. “It’s not air conditioning, but it should be a little more fresh air.”

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