October 22, 2014

EPIC Assemblies lives up to its name

EPIC Assemblies lives up to its name
Cast connects with students, encourages positive choices
By Annette Tait
The heavy bass beat of the music and rapidly-changing neon lighting could have easily been a pre-show warm-up for a rock concert instead of the lead-in to a presentation in the the Center-Stanton High School gymnasium. Students waiting for the start of EPIC -- Empowering Performances Impacting Communities – Assemblies’ presentation waited and watched intently, engaged in the atmosphere but not sure what to expect.
The fast-paced, heartfelt production took advantage of delivering the unexpected – frank messages from young adults who had experienced the consequences of negative choices, and weren’t afraid to share their stories.

“We show them what everyone else tries to hide,” Cast Member, Choreographer and the tour’s traveling DJ Addison Johnson said.  “And we come out and we go ‘this is us—there’s nothing to hide. There’s nothing to be ashamed of. This is what happened but, you don’t have to let this dictate your future’.”
Johnson became involved with EPIC Assemblies because he believes in the message of inspiring kids to not do what everybody else is telling them to.v

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