February 15, 2017

Even better than the ‘Jaws of Life’

By Annette Tait
Time is more than money -- it can be the difference between life and death after a motor vehicle crash. Especially when the patient is trapped in the vehicle.
“In the real world, we have 60 minutes -- we have a ‘golden hour’ from the time the accident happens to get the patient out of the vehicle, give proper medical care, and get them to a surgery team at the hospital,” North Dakota Firefighters Association Instructor and full-time firefighter Brendan Jochim said. “So being trained, knowing the essentials, knowing the basics of how this works, it builds upon it so we have the building blocks to create better and faster extrication.”
Jochim, along with retired firefighter and volunteer rural firefighter Jesse Smith, and Brent Soland, Genesis Rescue Systems, worked with Oliver County Fire Protection District firefighters, Oliver County Ambulance squad members, and Oliver County Sheriff’s personnel last weekend during an intense combination of classroom learning and hands-on experience.
“It’s important to learn the do’s and don’ts with all the new vehicles,” Fire Chief Kenny Rude said, noting that there have been a number of changes to vehicles, tools, and extrication procedures since the last recertification cycle.

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