April 19, 2017

Facilities, utilities & repairs top council agenda items

By Annette Tait
Facility maintenance, utility bills, and needed repairs topped the Center City Council’s agenda at its April meeting. Two items in particular were a result of new inclusions in the monthly treasurer’s report, per direction of the council.

Water bills
Per council’s request, delinquent water bills are now a monthly item in the treasurer’s report. Council reviewed the list and discussed the possibility of using remote shut-offs for locations where there are repeated issues with delinquent payments. Nehring noted that the owner/resident is still responsible for paying the base rate even when water has been shut off, so will still accrue an arrears in payment.
Mayor Harold Wilkins and Council Member Dallas Morast both noted that the City has been too lax with delinquent bills, and needs to enforce the ordinance. Nehring suggested council consider increasing the late fee, which would be an incentive to pay on time without being as heavy-handed as automatic shut-off. No further action was taken.


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