April 1, 2015

Fire district benefits from Albers’ donation

The Oliver County Rural Fire Protection District got a healthy shot in the arm last week as Kent Albers’ designee for a $2,500 donation. Albers was selected as an America’s Farmers Grow Communities winner. The program, sponsored by the Monsanto
Fund, enrolls farmers for a chance to win $2,500, which is then donated to the farmer’s nonprofi t of choice. Albers chose the fi re protection district to receive the donation.
“My sons and I -- the three of us farm together -- we had a discussion as to which non-profi t would get the best use of the money,” Albers said. “We chose the fire department. All of us out in the rural area have a use for them now and then,  whether it’s a grass fire, a structure fire, or even a combine fire. All of us who are farming have use of the fire department.”
The donation will help the fire district purchase new turnout gear – pants, jackets, gloves, helmets, and boots. Turnout gear is specifically designed to protect firefighters from the heat, flames and other conditions they may encounter while fighting a fire.  The special fabrics, treatments, and construction required for turnout gear make it very expensive when compared to regular  street clothes.
“The donation will go towards some new gear that we are going to purchase,” said Squad Leader Jerimiah Hanson. “We hardly ever receive donations like this. This is the first one I remember seeing and I have been on the team for six years.”

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