October 30, 2008

Fit-4-Life nearing grand opening day, Monday, November 10


A dream started by a few has grown into a reality for many. And after almost four years, the Fit-4-Life board members are seeing that dream near completion as the community gym puts the finishing touches on its remodel of the Center Civic Center basement and prepares to open Nov. 10. The gym is having an open house from 5-8 p.m. Wednesday and Thursday, Oct. 29-30 in the Civic Center basement.

Fit-4-Life President Libbie Johnson said it’s exciting to see this day come after so long. She said it wouldn’t have happened without the perseverance of the Fit-4-Life board members and other volunteers in planning, hard work and fundraising efforts.

"Words can’t explain. It’s been a long time coming and we’re all very excited," she said. "This individual group has been a driving force, none of us have been willing to give up. Even though we are a small group, they all very diligent."

Johnson also credits the efforts of former board member Charlotte Price, whom she said initially took the idea to area businesses, encouraging them to be involved in the project. Since that initial spark, about five loyal supporters have really pushed to raise money, find a location, purchase equipment and so much more. Current board members are Charmayne Lienius, Dave Berger, Janet Erhardt, John Bubel, Rick Schmidt, Sharon Rud, Gus Rud, Terri Mosbrucker, Kevin Mosbrucker, Lyle Krueger, Aaron Rudningen and John Mahoney.

But all could have been very different as after numerous fundraisers and countless hours of deliberation, the dream almost faded a few years ago when the board had no place to put the facility.

Erhardt explained, "We were to the point on where were we going to go? Are we even going to get this done because we’re not finding a place or a building or someone willing to give us a location to put it?

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