August 14, 2008

Fit-4-Life project still alive and well

“We’ve been very diligent in trying to put together this fitness center. City council has been very supportive until last Monday night.” That was the reaction of Fit-4-Life committee member Libbie Johnson, to the last line in a story about the Center City Council that appeared on the front page of last week’s Republican. In that meeting comments by several council members gave the impression that the subject was closed to further consideration. Public reaction led to a special meeting on Tuesday to reaffirm council’s support of the project according to Fit-4-Life committee member Dave Berger. “People in the community want it and it’s a big draw to the community,” Berger stated. “We got an agreement to use the basement of the Civic Center. Right now we have 14 pieces of equipment that we purchased at very reasonable rate from Bismarck State College stored in a building in town.” Berger continued that he received three phone calls on Tuesday morning (before the paper went to press) wanting to know what was going on. He also said that he hoped public alarm would reinvigorate community support. He further stated that, “A public facility like this could bring more people in from outside the area,” and that, “Libbie Johnson has been doing good on fund raising so our job now is convincing people it’s going to go.” Johnson praised, “Group members,” whom she said, “have been very committed.” She said that because, “We’ve already purchased a majority of the equipment I do think that its (Fit-4-Life) going to happen.

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