May 3, 2017

Flag retirement marks final day at Stanton Station

By Annette Tait
May 1 was the end of an era in North Dakota lignite coal powered energy production. Miller-Linn American Legion Post 90 lowered the American flag for the last time at Stanton Station, and performed the formal ceremony to retire the flag from service.
“Employees gathered together as a group one last time to reflect on the 50-plus years of operations,” Great River Energy Communications Leader Lyndon Anderson said. “It certainly was a solemn day as employees participated in a formal flag ceremony with the Center American Legion and then visited over a noon luncheon before departing.”
The flag was presented to Blake Wiedrich, representing the Mercer County Historical Society.
“We would like to thank the Center American Legion for their participation and to the Mercer County Historical Society for taking the flag for their museum in Beulah,” Anderson said. “We appreciate the community support that we have received over the years and are very thankful for those partnerships.”
The plant’s closure was announced in July 2016, and came after careful consideration by GRE based on the energy market, competition from wind-generated energy, and the costs to maintain and run the aged facility in compliance with increasingly stringent environmental requirements.


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