February 11, 2015

Forsberg honored with Lifesaver Award

By Annette Tait
No one wants to be faced with a life or death situation. If such circumstance should occur, all one can hope for is to respond appropriately.
BNI Director of Safety Jeff Forsberg did just that, and was honored by the North Dakota Safety Council Feb. 4 during its 2015 Ceremony of Champions at the Bismarck Event Center Exhibit Hall. During the ceremony, Forsberg received the NDSC Lifesaver Award, which is presented annually to individuals who have acted above and beyond the call of duty to assist or rescue another individual.
“These award winners have demonstrated exceptional dedication to safety,” NDSC Executive Director Chuck Clairmont said. “It is our honor to recognize those who embody our mission of saving lives and preventing injuries across North Dakota.”
Forsberg was nominated by BNI Coal Manager of Engineering Mike Heger for his actions Nov. 18, 2013, when BNI heavy equipment operator John Renaud became pinched between the blade of a stuck bulldozer and the steel cable which was being used to pull the machine out. The force of the cable crushed Renaud’s femur and pelvis and severed his femoral artery, causing life-threating bleeding.
“Just from being an EMT, I knew he was in a lot of trouble at that moment. We had to make some decisions and move things along as quickly as we could,” Forsberg said. “It was a real ugly feeling that day -- it turned out a lot better than it could have.”
Forsberg was six miles away training new employees when he was notified of the accident. He was on-scene in about seven minutes, setting the 911 emergency process in motion while on his way.
Forsberg’s emergency medical training guided actions and decisions that may ultimately have saved Renaud’s life.

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