November 27, 2008

Gas drops below $2 across counties

People in Center aren’t exactly dancing in the streets, but they are smiling more when they fill up their tanks at the Corner Express. The price of gas there dropped to under $2 on Nov. 18 for the first time since March 2005.

The peak price was $3.99 in July-August 2008. Ten percent ethanol is now $1.95, regular unleaded at $1.99, premium at $2.25 and diesel at $3.04, not counting the nine-tenths of a cent.

Shawn Theurer is one of those happy customers. He commutes to Mandan where he works for Great Plains Technical Services.

"I drive about 350 miles a week. I’m saving right around $50 a week on gas since this summer," he said.

Gus Rud, owner-operator of Corner Express and Rud Oil for 23 years, said that he sells about 1,500-1,600 gallons of gas a day.

"I think the crude oil deal kind of shocked everybody," Rud said. "I thought we were headed for $200 a barrel oil because the indications were there. But I think the slowed down of the economy slowed the demand for oil and gas."

Rud believes "the refineries are building inventories and that will help stabilize gas prices going into the spring."

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