November 6, 2013

Gas prices dropping for holidays statewide

The dollar gauges at fuel pumps are taking a dive and are expected to hit their lowest prices in almost a year.
North Dakota motorists are paying the cheapest gas prices since January, said Gene LaDoucer of North Dakota AAA in Fargo. Fuel pumps across the state dropped an average of 17 cents in the last month, settling at $3.28 per gallon Monday.
“It’s a culmination of things including the fact that we haven’t seen any active hurricanes affecting oil producing regions of the country,” he said. “It’s a nice mixture of positive news for a change, which is helping in lowering prices for consumers.”
Local drivers are also seeing a drop in price. Hazen averaged $3.29 per gallon, a 10-cent decrease from a month ago. That’s also 35 cents down from last year.
Beulah saw a slightly larger decrease, hitting $3.27 a gallon. The price is 14 cents down from a month ago and 37 cents from last year.
Center’s lone gas station, Corner Express, stayed about the same, dropping 4 cents in one month to $3.33 per gallon as of last week. The yearly drop was 26 cents.
All prices were lower than Dickinson, $3.34 a gallon, and Williston, $3.44. Other lows included Bismarck at $3.33 per gallon, Minot at $3.30, Grand Forks at $3.24 and Fargo at $3.13. Jamestown settle at $2.99 per gallon.


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