July 20, 2016

Girls State gives Reed a taste of government

By Annette Tait

What prompts a high school student to voluntarily spend six days learning about government? The opportunity to jump in and be a part of it at Girls State.
“A LOT happens at girls’ state,” said Elise Reed, who recently participated in the annual program. “We did SO much and there was so little time to have to yourself.”
Reed, who will be a senior at Center-Stanton High School in the fall, first heard about Girls State in January. She asked then Center-Stanton Superintendent Curt Pierce about the American Legion Auxiliary-sponsored program. Pierce helped her get the information she needed and to apply for Girls State.
“I decided to go to Girls State because it was about government and politics, and that’s something I want to do in the future,” Reed said. “There hadn’t been any [girls] from Center-Stanton, only boys going to Boys State.”
Delma Wilkens, Miller-Linn American Legion Post 90 Auxiliary secretary/treasurer, confirmed there hadn’t been a Center participant in Girls State in recent memory. However, Miller-Linn Post 90 has sent a number of boys to the Legion-sponsored Boys State over the years. The Post 90 Auxiliary sponsored Reed’s Girls State registration fee, and Post 90 provided funds to cover the cost of transportation, as well as some “fun money.”

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