April 30, 2014

Golden Age Club receives AED

Minnesota Power/Bison Wind Energy Center Production Superintendent Tim Mork,  and Business Office Coordinator/Budget Analyst  Sandra Bohrer presented the Golden Age Club with an automated external defibrillator, or AED, April 28.
“We’re proud to show support for the community of Center,” Bohrer said. “It’s always an honor—we’re happy to be here for you.”
John Green accepted the AED on behalf of the Golden Age Club. He thanked the two Minnesota Power representatives and showed Mork, Bohrer and others who were present a plaque commemorating the donation. The plaque will be placed by the AED as an ongoing expression of the club’s appreciation.
The donation came about as a result of 4-H members working on Helping Hands first aid kits.
“We realized that the Golden Age did not have an AED, and it seemed like a likely place to have one,” Extension Administrative Assistant Dawn Alderin said.  “Dave Berger connected me with the Bison Wind Energy Center, I filled out a grant and today, the club is receiving an AED.”
North Dakota is a pioneer in enacting legislation that provides for AEDs to be used by people outside of the medical profession. It was one of the first six states—along with California, Florida, Maine, Maryland and Texas—to do so, increasing the chances of survival for heart attack victims in rural areas where public-access AEDs are placed in the community.
The sooner an AED is available to a heart attack victim who needs one, the greater chance there is to save heart muscle that would otherwise die due to lack of oxygen. Cardio-pulmonary resuscitation, or CPR, is the first step in keeping the heart muscle and brain supplied with oxygen; use of an AED, if advised, is the next step in the chain of survival.
“It’s not scary,” Oliver County Ambulance Service Member Sharon Anderson told those gathered at the Golden Age Club for the presentation. “It won’t let you shock someone who doesn’t need it.”



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