September 18, 2008

Good intentions for store misunderstood

By Kathy Tandberg
Center folks can relax – no, 81-year-old resident Bud Perschke is not planning to open an adult bookstore in the city or anywhere for that matter.
Bud did, however, recently make an inquiry to the Center city auditor as to whether or not the city had an ordinance that allowed or did not allow such a business to open. The inquiry was reported by the city auditor to the council at its Sept. 8 meeting at which Bud was not in attendance, and the information was thus mentioned in the subsequent Center Republican article.
Bud’s inquiry was just that, an inquiry, not a plan for a new business.
Regardless, the phone has been ringing off the hook at Bud’s home ever since, some joking with him about it, while others were wondering if Bud was up to opening an adult bookstore.
“I asked a couple of friends, why were they asking? Were they applying for a job?” Bud joked.
The inquiry came about because the Center resident and lifelong Oliver County native wants to be sure that such a business could never open in the city.
“My dad was just trying to prevent something from happening before it would happen. He’s trying to do a good thing,” daughter Carla Wolf, also of Center, explained.
Indeed, that’s just what Bud was trying to do for his community because of a recent trip he made to visit another daughter in Kentucky.
Bud said he was riding along with his son-in-law in the suburbs when he saw an adult bookstore along the road.

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