February 26, 2009

Growing up twins, a lifetime of bonding

It’s a girl! It’s another girl! Twins!

These words are probably similar to those spoken by new parents Les and Verlaine (Wilcox) Gullickson when their daughters, Stephanie and Stacie came into the world.

Twins – we’ve all heard it – Double Trouble, Two Peas in a Pod, Pete and Repeat. Stephanie Gullickson, Beulah, the eldest by a few minutes, and Stacie Kruckenberg, Hazen, have probably heard it all over the years.

Growing up twins was nothing unusual for this pair or for this family in fact. Stephanie and Stacie are just another set in a long line of multiple births. They had a grandfather who was a twin, they had more than one set of first and second cousins who were twins and even had a set of triplets in the family. Hmmm, don’t drink the water.

"We never knew anything different, just thought that’s the way it was for everyone when we were young," Stacie said.

"We knew about twins and what it was when we were pretty young. One of the things is because we had a grandfather, Oliver, who was a twin. His brother, Uncle Orville, was his twin and we couldn’t tell them apart so they were both Grandpa to us," Stephanie explained.

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