March 9, 2016

Hazel Miner addition flood zone issues nearing FEMA resolution

By Annette Tait
Ongoing concerns about flood insurance impacting lot sales in the Hazel Miner Addition may finally be nearing an end.
A.J. Tuck, Ultieg, reported to the Center City Council that water modeling has been done in the area that requires a Letter of Map Revision (LOMR) be submitted to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to update the 100-year flood plain map to reflect topography changes made when the addition was built.
Tuck noted that the new map was not yet official; however, with the council’s approval, he would submit the required materials to FEMA the following day. Tuck advised council members that FEMA may question boundaries indicated on the map. If this occurs, additional surveying may be needed. The timeframe for FEMA to process and approve the request was not known.
Council approved providing the necessary materials and signed forms to Tuck to submit to FEMA.
Golf course
Brent Isaak and Scott Keith appeared to request the city act as guarantor for the golf course to obtain a loan to fix the water storage pond.
“The pond is leaking – it’s about 25 years old and the liner is cracked,” Isaak said.
Isaak explained that currently, about 5,200 gallons is being pumped into the holding pond with only 1,200 gallons being used. The rest leaks through the pond liner and into the aquifer.
He then outlined plans to re-line the pond, noting that the savings in water over time will pay for the construction.

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