May 8, 2014

Helicopters speed transmission line progress

It’s unusual to see air traffic in Oliver County. What’s even more unusual is to look up and see helicopters towing people through the air on ladders.
Thanks to the low-impact, efficient construction methods being used by Michels Corporation to prepare transmission towers and string conductor, such sightings will be commonplace in the skies as conductor is installed along Minnkota Power’s Center to Grand Forks transmission line.
“Using helicopters minimizes impact on property—traditional [construction methods] would use a bulldozer to pull strawline from structure to structure,” Michels Corporation Senior Project Manager Randy Bassette said. “It’s also more efficient—what takes an hour or two for a helicopter would take a day or two using traditional means.”
Construction efforts are back in full swing after a break in activities while spring load limits were in place.


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