May 28, 2014

Helmenstein has a gift for recall

Uncle Barney looking up from where he stood in the coal chute, holding canned chicken her mother had made. Dad talking to someone through a window opening. Vivid memories of work on the new house her parents were building for their growing family.
Old Settlers Days Honoree Lyla Helmenstein was only around three years old when her parents, Alvin and Louise (Matthiesen) Letzring, began work on their new home on a farm near Churchtown.
“I remembered being there, it must have been early fall when they started building,” Helmenstein said. “I mentioned it to my mother and when I did, she said ‘you can’t remember that!’”
She had gone with her mother each day as the work progressed, taking lunch to her father and the family members and friends who were helping him. Helmenstein remembered the scene in detail, and described it to her mother.
“I mentioned who else was there looking out a window upstairs, and dad was talking to someone out the window downstairs, and that ended the discussion of what I remembered!” she chuckled.

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