September 17, 2014

Hensler construction creates concern

Widening part of the shoulders on Hensler Road as part of a paving project will make the road safer to travel on, as there will be more room for a driver to correct and return to the road. Paving will also put the road into better shape, ideally before drivers encounter winter driving conditions. Recent rain has caused interruptions in the construction work, but project manager KLJ expects work to be completed by the end of October.
Pilot cars are being used in areas where there is one-lane traffic, with only brief delays for motorists.
While people who use the road regularly are looking forward to the improvements, the construction work also raised a complaint from a local resident.
Diane Schell appeared before the Oliver County Commission at its regular meeting Sept. 4 to express her concerns about an incident that occurred the evening of Sept. 27. Schell reported that she was traveling on Hensler Road with her grandchildren, on her way to take them home.
“There were two road signs, one said shoulder work ahead, one said road work,” Schell told the commission and KLJ engineers Jim Jackson and Damien Geyer, stating that there was no sign indicating a flagger was present.

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