November 24, 2015

Hiring woes continue to plague CSPS school board

By Annette Tait
The custodial position for Center-Stanton Public School District is like a bad penny – it just keeps returning to the school board agenda.
At the Nov. 16 meeting, Superintendent Curt Pierce reported that the most recent hire for the custodial position lasted two weeks before resigning. Pierce recommended hiring Susie Russell as head of maintenance, and hiring a new person for the cleaning duties Russell is currently doing.
“There’s nothing that needs to be done that she can’t do,” Pierce said.
The board approved offering the position to Russell. The cleaning position will be advertised in the newspaper. In a separate motion, the board approved hiring Shaine Towe to work part-time nights and weekends to assist Keith Vitek with furnace/boiler maintenance.
There was also an in-depth discussion regarding whether to allow a bus driver to bring a child or infant in an approved car seat when driving the school bus. Pierce spoke with superintendents in Watford City and Killdeer; both are installing seatbelts in their buses to allow drivers to bring a child in an infant/car seat. Pierce’s research showed that, while not recommended, this is a workable solution providing the childseat is correctly installed in the bus.
Pierce also noted that there are nine states that require seatbelts in school buses; North Dakota is not one of them. The topic arose due to the difficulty of finding reliable bus drivers. The board approved installing a 3-point safety seat for a trial period, in the effort to maintain the bus route.
The board planned to interview a candidate that week for the tech support/business teacher position. Pierce also noted the need for additional technical support for responsibilities such as software updates, network installation and maintenance, and other needs. He provided the board with bids from three local firms for their review and discussion. The board approved prepaid network services of up to $3,000 to Network Center. The prepaid funds will be drawn down as work is done on an hourly basis.

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