February 14, 2018

Husfloen issues new warning at meeting

By Jarann Johnson
County Commission Chairman Lee Husfloen closed the County Commission meeting last week by celebrating Oliver County’s winning effort to keep the County Extension open. But also warned everyone at the meeting to get ready for another small county budget battle.
“I think in our last venture to have the meetings and save the County Extension service – I think it’s been successful. I think we are going to be able to save that office. I know we are, it isn’t going to cost us that much more. They’ve agreed to charge all counties the same. Our increase will be the same $5,000 or less,” Huslfoen said.
“So we are OK there. But the next obstacle or thing we have to worry about is losing our Social Service office in Oliver County. We’re going to have to fight to keep it open with the new changes in social services and the state take over. They’re going to be looking at shorting some funds and eliminating some of these small counties’ social services. That’ll be coming up in the spring, a big push.”


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