September 24, 2014

Increased costs dominate county agenda

Increased costs dominate county agenda
Budget reports from service providers and county departments packed the September county commission meeting agenda as the commission prepared for the annual budget deadline.
Custer Health
First on the agenda was Custer District Health Administrator Keith Johnson to explain Oliver County’s share of costs for the five-county service unit. Custer District Health provides a wide variety of health services to Oliver, Mercer, Morton, Grant and Sioux counties, including wellness programs, school and home health programs, senior health services, immunizations, tobacco prevention, environmental health services and healthcare for low-income residents.
Oliver County will be assessed $57,089 for services in 2015, an increase of approximately 15 percent over the 2014 assessment. The county pays roughly 7 percent of the total paid to the district by the five counties in its service area. The majority of the district’s funding comes from state and federal grant programs and other revenue sources.

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