January 29, 2014

Infrastructural improvements OK’d

By Chris Erickson

The Center-Stanton Board of Education took a step forward last week with its decision to move ahead with infrastructural improvements to the school’s facilities.
The board met again with representatives of Energy Services Group and reviewed four separate scenarios for moving ahead with the plan. The overall scope of the infrastructural improvements covers ventilation, some plumbing and lighting improvements and an energy management system, which was touted by ESG as a system that would dramatically cut energy costs in the long-term.
After about an hour of discussion the board chose scenario two through a unanimous vote. All scenarios had the same net cost of $1,408,909, with the differences coming in down payments and interest rates.
According to ESG, the main difference in the scenarios came down to financials.
“Scenario one is basically factoring in that we’ll be getting $100,000 from a state energy conservation grant,” representative Mark Bucholz said. “If $200,000 was the amount the district wanted to put down, we’d finance that at about the 3.3 rate. With scenario two has terms near the 3.3 rate with an additional $50,000 up front. That could be a good return for the district as it saves the district about $65,000 over 15 years.


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