November 12, 2014

Innovative products help preserve independence

Independence: A state that defines maturity, adulthood, and the ability to make one’s own life choices. Once attained, independence is not easily, nor freely, given up.
Unfortunately, there isn’t always a choice. Whether through illness or the normal aging process, changes in physical abilities can turn everyday tasks into challenges. Buttons aren’t as easy to do or undo, knobs become tougher to grasp and turn, and jar lids and pill bottles refuse to open.
The little changes aren’t always noticeable to friends and family members. It’s human nature to hide what might be perceived as frailties, especially in cultures such as North Dakota’s where people have strong work ethics and take pride in doing for one’s self.
To illustrate this during her presentation at the Center Golden Age Club, Eunice Meidinger, community/outreach advocate for the Dakota Center for Independent Living, shared a story about a visit with her mother.
“My mother was 93 years old, living at home and having dexterity issues,” Meidinger told the group. “This is what I do every day, help people maintain their independence, and I hadn’t seen that my own mother was having difficulties.”

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