June 6, 2018

June council meeting brings bad news

By Jarann Johnson

City Council had a very standard meeting and things moved efficiently Monday night at the Center Civic Center. Most of Monday night’s meeting was spent approving permit request and personal appearances. One of those appearances featured AJ Tuck discussing the city’s flood map, on behalf of Ulteig Engineering.
“Just to give you guys an update this is the revised FEMA floodmap, which we are going to be presenting between today or tomorrow. We had to revise this, showing flow coming down the streets for FEMA, so what that did is moved a lot more of town into the 100-year flood plain,” Tuck added.
“I know that’s now what you want to hear. That’s not good news for anybody. I’m not happy about it, he’s not happy about it. But that’s what the model says and we have to model it for FEMA.

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