January 15, 2009

Lahrens named Oliver County Achievement winners of 2008

Oliver Soil Conservation District Chairman LeAnn Harner presented Craig and Rebecca Lahren the Oliver Soil Conservation Achievement Award for 2008 at the district’s Annual Awards Banquet in December.

The North Dakota Association of Soil Conservation also honored the Lahrens with a picture of their farm in November. It will be displayed at the North Dakota State Fair along with other county winners.

"It’s really an honor to get this award and kind of a surprise," Craig said.

The Lahren’s farm and ranch is approximately 900 acres in northeastern Oliver County, a couple of miles from the Missouri River. They currently have a herd of about 30 Gelbvieh and Red Angus cows, make their own hay and lease out farm land. The Lahrens have seeded many tillable acres back to native grasslands which have complimented the native woodlands. Wildlife habitat is abundant, and the Lahrens have added three 300 foot rows of shelter belt to protect the farmstead and the winter feeding areas. The Lahrens practice other innovative agricultural methods.

"We practice rotational grazing, we don’t use chemicals, and we sequester carbon by planting legume cover crops," Craig said.

Craig grew up in Oliver County. The farm he operates has been in his family for four generations.

"As kids we farmed as we were told to by our dads," he said.

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