March 11, 2015

LEPC considers training options

By Annette Tait
Until disaster strikes, it’s easy to forget that emergency management exists in Oliver County. For the most part, the Local Emergency Planning Committee works quietly and efficiently, spending little time in the public eye. However, based on the outcomes of the committee’s February meeting, the LEPC’s work may become more visible in coming months as it conducts training to prepare for potential emergency situations within the city and county.
During the February meeting, discussion included training, storm shelters and volunteers, grant opportunities and equipment needs. The committee discussed a tabletop training exercise held last spring using a courthouse active shooter scenario and decided that the next step is to hold a functional exercise for the same scenario. A functional exercise provides for hands-on participation and discussion to further identify processes, procedures, and any areas that need further research or evaluation in preparation of a full-scale exercise where responders treat the scenario as if it were happening in real time.
“I will have a draft of the functional exercise ready for review at our next LEPC meeting which is on May 14th,” Oliver-Mercer Counties Emergency Manager Carmen Reed said. “We are looking at the September-October timeframe for the functional and sometime in 2016 for the full scale.  We want to try to have one exercise per year in Oliver County.”

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