September 4, 2008

Liquor license transfer contingent on debt repayment

Liquor license transfer contingent on debt repayment The Center City Council has approved the request to transfer the Der Imbiss on-sale and Sunday opening liquor license to possible new owners, should a pending sale of the business go through. City Auditor Becky Vosberg said the request came to the council from Center resident Susan Cahoon, who wants to buy the business on a contract for deed from current owners Walter and Trisha Olsen. Vosberg said the transfer of the license is contingent, with a few hitches, though. The council, at a special meeting called on Aug. 25, made the transfer of the liquor license contingent on the payment in full of outstanding debt on the business that the Olsens have accrued. The debt includes an amount owed to the Center Job Development Authority in the amount of $11,059.90 with a daily interest accrual as of Aug. 20 of $3.18. Other debts that must be paid include past due 2007 Oliver County real estate taxes in the amount $587.41, a 60-day past due water bill, an undisclosed balance due on the Olsens’ initial purchase of the business from former owner Peggy Bundy, and anything else owed to the city or county. “The transfer of the license is contingent on all the bills being paid by Sept. 9,” Vosberg said.

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