March 12, 2009

Living snow fences presented as option for county stimulus

How do you stop the wind from blowing? Answer: you can’t, but you can keep it from blocking your road every time it snows by planting a living snow fence.

JD Hanson, Oliver Soil Conservation District technician, appeared at the Oliver County Commission meeting March 5 to share information on funding for establishing living snow fences. He referred to an e-mail he received from Tom Hanson, of the North Dakota Association of Soil Conservation Districts, stating the possibility of funding for living snow fences through the stimulus package currently making its way through Congress.

The money would be obtained from the North Dakota Department of Transportation. However, JD Hanson, doesn’t have information on when the money could be received or how much.

"The good thing about this is it can be used on any type of ground along any main county road," JD Hanson said.

In preparation for that event, T. Hanson is urging Soil Conservation Districts to do two things: document problem areas for snow blockage, and make contacts with landowners of problem areas.

"I plan on going out next week and just driving the county and marking the (problem areas) I see," said JD Hanson. "The best contacts are the guys that are out there moving snow."

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