August 22, 2018

Local wins Little Miss Mandan

By Jarann Johnson
Sheridan Bubel won the Miss Rodeo Mandan Princess title during the Fourth of July weekend. Bubel, a sixth-grader at Center-Stanton, is the daughter of JD and Sara Bubel.
Sheridan was surprised to win the contest because one of the other contestants did well in the competition.
“Yes, I was,” Sheridan said.”I had a good speech and she had a good speech too. She won personality. But I won horsemanship and appearance, which that was pretty good.”
Sheridan won the competition but it wasn’t her first experience with pageants. She participated in Little Miss Prairie Rose Pageant previously, which is more of a mini-pageant. Contestants just pick one skill to showcase.
Miss Rodeo Mandan Princess was tougher because there were multiple skills. This was also Sheridan’s first year competing in Miss Rodeo Mandan Princess.
“I started with the little Miss Prairie Rose and this was my first year doing Mandan,” Sheridan said.
The challenge for Sheridan was giving a speech. During Little Miss Prairie Rose she didn’t have to give a speech. So, this was something new.

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