December 23, 2013

Losing a voice to the state State silver-haired assembly dissolves

At a recent meeting in Bismarck, the Silver-haired Education Association’s Steering Committee voted to dissolve the organization, effective immediately.
The news came as a surprise to McLean and Mercer County’s representative, Edy Knodel of Butte. Knodel, who has been a representative at the past two assemblies, said she had heard rumors that the group could fold, but didn’t think it would happen. She said she was not in favor of disbanding.
Knodel thought the group served an important part in the legislative process.
“I think we did some good things, had some good resolutions,” she said.
Knodel thinks the demise of the group was due to apathy from seniors. “The ones who attended the assemblies were dedicated,” she said.
Arden Haner, Douglas, has been a member of the assembly for the past two years representing Ward County. But in that short time he said he realized the importance of the group. Like Knodel, he is disappointed the assembly is no more. He fears senior citizens in the state have lost a voice.

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