September 6, 2017

Love of sports leads athletes to serve

By Annette Tait
Alove of sports recently took three Center athletes to the Dominican Republic to share their love of the Lord.
“I loved how Cross Training is and the people, and they talked about how life changing it is,” Morgan Vitek said of the mission trip. “I love basketball and wanted to visit another country, and this was a way to do it.”
Vitek traveled with her friends, sisters Madeline Henke and Teegan Henke, on an eight-day mission trip to the Dominican Republic, staying in Boca Chica and Juan Dolio, locations not far from Santo Domingo. The trip was sponsored by Bismarck-based Cross Training Ministries and its partner, SCORE International.
“We’re a non-denominational sports training ministry -- we started in 1994 and have had a lot of growth since then. We started our mission trips [with SCORE] in 2009,” said Kendra Bachmeier, Cross Training director of operations. “The trip the girls were on was our fifth mission trip to the Dominican Republic, our fifth time taking athletes down there.”
Vitek and the Henkes have participated in Cross Training sports camps for a number of years. During the camps, they heard about the various sports-based mission trips offered by the organization.
“We want to be good on the court, but we want to be excellent off the court,” Bachmeier said. “We want the faith to be real.”


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