January 25, 2017

‘Every decision you make matters’

By Annette Tait
The message was personal. Macy Christianson, Miss North Dakota 2016, took her presentation far beyond the standard “do the right thing” assembly, using personal experiences to connect with Center-Stanton junior and senior high school students.
“That’s the reason I started to do the film project, so I can show people from someone else’s perspective -- I can show it from the people who were actually affected,” Christianson explained, referring to several short videos interwoven through her presentation. “Especially in that first video, they’re getting to see it from college students, from someone who’s close to them in age. Not only are they seeing it from me, they’re seeing it from people who could be their friends.”
When considering her platform as Miss Grand Forks, Christianson wanted to help young people see how their choices affect not only themselves, but also everyone around them. This was a topic with which she was extremely familiar, through choices made by her older brother, Sam.
“He was driving home drunk one night, he was underage, and he ended up rolling his truck into a ditch. He was found by a driver who just happened to be going by at about three in the morning, and my brother was unconscious,” Christianson told the students.


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