July 26, 2016

‘Pokémon GO’ offers family fun and outdoor activities

By Annette Tait
Kids of all ages spend way too much time “playing” while sitting still. There are electronic games and apps to play football, hockey, golf, soccer, and even BMX – bicycle motocross -- all without leaving the couch.
With all of the playtime options on laptops, tablets, and smartphones, is there anything that can get people outside and exploring the world around them?
Apparently, the cute little critters of “Pokémon GO” have done the trick, drawing people outdoors in droves. Who wouldn’t want to capture their very own dragon, fairy, or other whimsical creature?
There are 18 different types of Pokémon to locate, each with their own characteristics and habitats, and they can be found anywhere, even in Center. A recent expedition netted five – two near the courthouse, one at the bank, and two more at the Corner Express – all in about an hour. There’s even a PokéStop at the Post Office, and a PokéGym on the corner of the courthouse lawn.
If seeking Pokémon in town seems too tame, take a trip to Cross Ranch State Park or Knife River Indian Villages National Historic Site -- Pokémon have been spotted in both locations.
“We get a lot of our campers who are out and about finding Pokémon,” said McKenzie Miller, Cross Ranch’s “go-to” person for Pokémon hunting. “We have geocaching out here, but it’s another nice way to get kids and their families out on the trails.”

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