December 4, 2013

‘Take Shape of Life’

By April Baumgarten

Now that Thanksgiving is over it might be a good time to lose that extra weight, or even completely change your lifestyle.
Two health coaches from Portland, Ore., plan to come to North Dakota to do just that.
“Mercer, Dunn and Oliver counties residents have several issue to work on to become healthier,” said Michael Waddington, a Health Solutions through Science consultant. “three counties had a high percentage of adults diagnosed with diabetes as well as higher adult obesity and physical inactivity rates.”
Waddington, with his wife Vonnie, are bringing Take Shape for Life to the area, a program that has helped dozens of people change their lifestyles.
“All you have to do is get in touch with us,” he said.
Medifast, which breaks meals into six smaller meals, was originally created for people who could not medically get out of bed. Now the two have made it available to anyone that wants to lose weight.

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