April 5, 2017

Madeline Henke’s ‘Finale on Ice’

By Annette Tait
Madeline Henke was four years old the first time she ventured out on the ice. Fourteen years later, the bittersweet experience of her final performance with the Hazen Figure Skating Club has come to a close.
“I honestly don’t remember,” Madeline says of the early years. “My parents put me on the ice and I stayed ever since. I love it -- I love skating.”
Her mother, Kristen Henke, remembers the note coming home from school, offering youngsters the opportunity to join the skating program.
“Our coach then was Dana LaVallie, who lived in Center,” Kristen recalled. “They sent the backpack slips home, and we thought we’d try it.”
Madeline’s early start on ice isn’t unusual, with skaters often starting at three or four years old.
“The little ones just start by learning how to march and fall down and stand up -- you work on that for quite a while,” said Brooke Borlaug, Madeline’s coach for the past six years. “So you go from just learning how to stand and fall and sit up to actually being able to move and push and not walk across the ice, but actually skate.”

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