May 10, 2017

Marshall arts: Training the mind and the body

By Annette Tait

“If you can walk away, then you have won without having to fight, which is a far greater victory than physically defeating 10 men.”
This statement, part of the philosophy of the Sanano Martial Arts System, is not what many expect to be related to skills originally developed for self-defense or attack.
“Right now, because of Hollywood, a lot of people think the marshall arts are just for fighting -- how to show off, how to hurt somebody,” said Andy Sanano, founder of the system. “They don’t realize there’s more to it. You’ve got to learn about the discipline -- you discipline yourself, especially the inside. You’ve got to know how to control your ego.”
Sanano recently visited Center to preside over testing of Sensei (instructor) Carol Linn’s students, whose instruction includes not only physical martial arts training, but also emphasizes self-discipline, awareness, and respect for self and others, as well as the values and attitudes necessary for proper application of the martial arts.

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