June 27, 2018

Meckle wins FFA state agriscience

By Jarann Johnson
Shelby Meckle walked up to educators at Center-Stanton High School and asked them one simple question. Do you think you can tell the difference between organic and inorganic foods? Meckle’s question was for her FFA Agriscience project.
Meckle’s project was awarded first place at the FFA ND State Convention. She won the Systems Division III Agriscience category. Meckle said how she conducted her experiment.
“At the beginning of the year, I wanted to test if you could taste the difference between organic and inorganic foods. That’s what I did my experiments on. I asked the staff to come in and I had different foods laid out. There would be an organic carrot, and inorganic one – they had to taste which one they thought was inorganic,” Meckle said.
Her original hypothesis was organic buyers would be better at recognizing the difference. But the alternative was revealed. Meckle said inorganic buyers were better at identifying the difference.

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