June 1, 2016

Memorial Day: A time to remember and reflect

By Annette Tait
The best and the worst – Memorial Day offers the opportunity to reflect on both. The best are those Oliver-Morton Veterans Services Officer Ron Otto referred to as “the backbone of our nation, its very fabric,” the members of our nation’s armed forces. On Memorial Day we also remember the worst that can happen during wartime – the loss of those who fought to keep our nation free.
Otto’s remarks during the annual Memorial Day service hosted by Miller-Linn American Legion Post 90 reminded those gathered that Memorial Day has a specific purpose. Unlike Veteran’s Day, which recognizes all service members, past and present, Memorial Day honors the fallen.
“On Memorial Day, we commemorate and celebrate with humble reverence the memory of those who gave their all,” Otto said. “Those individuals of whom we epitomize and give true meaning to the words ‘valor, sacrifice, loyalty, and perseverance.’”
It is the responsibility of the entire community to ensure future generations understand that “freedom isn’t free” is more than a slogan – the price was paid in human lives, sacrificed on the field of battle.

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