April 20, 2016

Miller-Linn Legion Post 90 comes home with honors

By Annette Tait
Its members don’t call much attention to themselves. For the most part, they go about serving their community with humility and little fanfare. Except for Memorial Day, but even then the ceremony isn’t about Miller-Linn American Legion Post 90, it’s dedicated to the veterans who have gone on before.
Recently the focus changed, with Post 90 finding itself in the spotlight during the North Dakota American Legion District 7 Spring Convention.
“Post 90 came home with five awards,” said Post 90 Member Harold Wilkins, who with fellow members John Hoffman, Richard Gullickson, Daryl Heid, and Melvin Lennick, was present at the convention to accept the honors.
Post 90 members have worked hard to not just maintain, but also grow their ranks at a time when the American Legion and similar organizations are struggling to recruit new members. Four of the five awards – for 100 percent renewal, early renewal of 40 percent of its members, membership growth, and the number of new members recruited -- demonstrate Post 90’s efforts to remain strong and viable.
“They’ve restructured their leadership, and brought in [members] to take on officer positions to redirect and reinvigorate the post,” North Dakota American Legion Department Adjutant David Johnson said. “It’s time we need new blood -- our job now is to find our replacements, to find the new faces. It’s not ‘our grandpa’s Post’ Legion anymore.”

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